We moved …

We have moved into a huge old house in Pittsburgh, and I am scraping old paint off 12-foot ceilings and spackling plaster and painting so I can get this prison book program out of storage! The pipes were stolen so we have no bathroom or running water yet. Can you help us with this problem or with plastering the big holes where chandeliers and mantels were stolen? Also, each room needs to be re-wired, and the badly leaking roof needs replaced. Where oh where is the Book’Em angel?

The good news is that finally our program/ministry will be on the first floor and dry, not in a wet moldly basement! The walls and ceilings of our library/workroom will be sky blue, with white clouds on the ceiling, and a few rainbows flashing around the walls from prisms hung in the windows. Sound good? And our office will have a room across the hall which will keep paper clutter out of the way.

We are thousands of book orders behind, and need postage–at least $3 per package. We welcome new volunteers Kay and Chrissy and anyone else willing to volunteer at this worthwhile endeavor!

–Rosemary rcat32@gmail.com 412-251-7302


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