Two New Letters from Prisoners

“Dear Book’Em;
My respectful salutations to everyone concerned for us lost and forgotten souls … May this request find you well.
My name is Caesar, am presently incarcerated here at D.V.I. in Tracy, California … I am into martial arts – namely Muay-Thai kickboxing – mixed self defense techniques. I’d grately appreciate anything you may have available please. We are permitted 3 books; but whatever you may have will do. Thank you so very much. Anything will be appreciated …”
Caesar Escobar #AM5039 California

“Thank you For your Time my name is John Guerrero Jr. and I would like new or used
books paper back cause Im in prison. I enjoy reading anything by Debra Dier Danielle Steel James Patterson Anything will be much appreciated.
Sorry I spilled coffee on the papper and Im doing bad in here Im broke and have nothing. So whatever you can do is much appreciated.”
Thank You
John Guerrero Jr #AR0928

***BOOK’EM is happy to send each of these men a nice book package right away, with both fiction AND nonfiction, along with a friendly note and some of our homemade colorful bookmarks. And we even have some Steel books available. Patterson does not get sent because of the violence, however. We have many quality fiction books by other authors to choose from, including the classics. Also, we make some photocopied books of interesting things, which they can have if their present prison allows photocopies.


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