A prisoner discovers anthropology, & other testimonials

March 2011 “To Whom it May Concern

I am an indigent inmate here on the Allred unit. I am currently participating in self-litigation for an aggravated excessive use of force with a serious injury in the District Court Wichita County Texas 78th Judicial District (cause no. 173,737B) because I have no money to hire a lawyer. I am in Ad-Seg at this time and do not have meaningful access to the unit’s law library. The mailroom allows used books, hardcover books and sets a 5 book limit on incoming packages. I want to thank all of you who volunteer to donate these much needed book to us in this unfortunate position. I appreciate your self-less service on my behalf. The following is a list of my requests in order of preference with additional subjects in case legal/educational material is not available:

1 Legal Books: civil/self-litigation/federal/legal dictionary or anything available

2 college level English dictionary or any English dictionary

If these are unavailable I am into

1-WW2 military history and heavy military equipment

2-Military fiction: Tom Clancy, W.E.B. Griffin

3-Fantasy novels: Dragon Lance, Forgotten Realms, Harry Potter and books by David Eddings etc…

And a resource list if you have one available please.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

                Respectfully Kyle Dillon #1268995 Texas

August 2011 “To Book ‘Em

     Thank you oh so very much for your most recent donation of books. I don’t recall if I mentioned this but I am in solitary and spend 23-24 hours a day in my cell. Without books I would go insane. So I owe you my undying gratitude. Thank you for your love and donations.  All of you volunteers are wonderful selfless people and I am grateful for all of you. God bless every last one of you.

     I just read a awesome book called Forbidden History by J. Douglas Kenyon and it has given me a desire to learn more about anthropology. There is a large bibliography at the end…and even though I know your stock is limited here are some specific books I am interested in:

Forbidden Archaeology, Fingerprints of the Gods, Earth Under Fire, Worlds in Collision, Thunderbolts of the Gods (any of Dave Talbotts books), anything by J. Douglas Kenyon (science/anthropology).

     Forbidden History sure wetted my appetite for more information about prehistory civilizations like the Maya, Atlanteans, Egyptians etc…that we have yet to figure out and that includes ancient India too. …

     Again thank you for your selfless service.

                Sincerely Kyle Dillon #1268995 Texas

“Dear Book ‘Em People,

I would like to thank you for the books you sent me, I really am enjoying them, they were perfect picks.

                Your friend, Cora Allo #WA9472


“Greetings, I wanted to thank you for sending me the Almanac, magazine and book. I get no mail or anything like that so when I received the Books I was very surprised, even though the Almanac was a 2008  Im having a hard time putting it down. Thank you again.

                Respectfully  Eric Collins #E95721 California

“To Whom it may concern:

     Greetins to all! My name is Mr. Rashell Clarke. I am presently incarcerated here at Corcoran State Prison.

     I am a reformist and a person of self change! My hopes are to use my cell as a classroom and a sanctuary. My interest are to learn more about how your project works. I also would like to find a way to assist or become more involved with your cause. …Would you happen to have any books with in these subject matters: 1) Creating a video game development company, 2)Win friends and influence people, 3)Writing business proposals, 4) Writing books and novels, 5)Public speaking, 6) Script Writing. …In advance, thank you for your assistance. Sincerely your advocate.

                Mr. Rashell Clarke #AB4250

“Dear Folks,

     First and foremost I would like to thank you for providing this service for us.

     I’m looking to better my life, so that when I’m released I will be able to have a better life. In saying this I’m looking for Business based books, more specific how to start a business, Self help on Business, About Marketing  I think you got the idea.

     Would like to thank you in Advance for whatever you can send, Thank you.”

                Sincerely, Oscar Gonzalez #086373 Florida

“Dear Book’Em,

     Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate all that you do for prisoners and the United States.

     I work in the education department at Wakulla Work Camp. The resources we have are very limited, and I’m writing you to ask for math, reading, and language books for our school. Would you please send us a GED essay writing book, a GED math book, and a GED reading book? If you have any math, reading, or language books in Spanish we could really use them. Please. “

Sincerely, Stephen Dugan #C00650 Florida


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